Letter to Our Community

DCIS believes that our values are the essence of our Character.

Core Values

At DCIS we believe that our core values are the essence of our character, they reflect our deepest convictions, and we are committed to live them out in what we do.

Honesty and Accountability

We believe that telling the truth and accepting responsibility enriches relationships and allows long lasting results. We want to be recognized as honest individuals, humble enough to admit our mistakes when appropriate. We want to practice the joy of asking for help from others as well as offering help to others. We want to foster trust.

Care and Service

We believe that we are called to care for each other. Among us and to break barriers by serving others beyond our campus (Social Responsibility.)

We are learning to serve by sharing our time, our talents and our resources with others. We see ourselves extending our hands to help those in physical, emotional or economical need.

Growth and improvement

We believe that growth is natural and improvement allows us to be better human beings and achieve higher goals. At DCIS, we strive to create an environment full of opportunities for students to grow academically and for our staff to grow professionally.


We believe that every person matters and our differences are cherished and welcomed to help each other maximize our potential. We encourage respectful students and teacher relationships. We abide by the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Open Communication

We believe that open and effective channels of communication are the key to build a healthy and warm environment for personal and organizational development. We see parents, students and teachers freely and respectfully communicating with each other, expressing their own perspectives on school related issues.


We believe that greater results and celebration come from doing things together and sharing our talents for the common good. DCIS should become the ideal place to share ideas, initiatives and actions. We foresee staff, teachers, students and parents becoming a team. We envision students, teachers, and parents working together to achieve academic, athletic, artistic, and moral goals.