DelCampo International School's Enrichment Program seeks to offer a rich and rewarding extracurricular learning experience in a variety of disciplines and fields to develop mental and physical agility, and lifelong interests. 


A fun way to develop mental and physical agility and life long interests. 

DelCampo International School offers a full growth-and-learning experience that takes place outside regular course of study and provides students with numerous opportunities to develop specific skills, knowledge and life-long interests. The sense of competence and affiliation that can flourish during out-of-school time provides the best reason for our enrichment program.

How Does It Work?

Structured, well supervised an focused disciplines and fields of study, with intentional and well-organized activities, foster engagement and facilitate high quality learning opportunities as well as provide leadership and social skills development. 

Quality Staffing models positive behavior, provide individualized feedback and guidance during activities.

Why is it Important?

Findings From the Harvard Family Research Project ensures that a well-established Enrichment Program makes a difference in the lives of children and youth who participate in after school enrichment programs since they impact a range of positive learning and interrelated development outcomes areas; such as, academic, social/emotional, prevention, and health and wellness.


DelCampo International School's integrated learning services program provide an array of afternoon activities of academic enrichment, remedial and recreational activities for members of the DCIS community from K-12 and continuing education for all adults. 

Disciplines Offered


Creates early awareness, knowledge and skills that lay the foundation for academic rigor, social-emotional development, higher-level thinking, and improves school achievement. 


Enrichment Programs increase critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, while impacting academic achievement. Improved test scores, significant gains in math test scores for elementary school students who participated in high-quality after school programs had a positive effect on reading and math achievement. 

Middle & High School

Creates college and career pathways that promote full implementation of leadership skills and personal goals while ensuring the widest range of future life options.

Courses Offered

We invite you and your family to view our course catalog where you will find a full description of each course, dates and times offered, as well as pricing. 

We have placed much effort in designing each discipline and field of study so that your child can obtain the full scope of benefits that each course has to offer.

In the near future, we will be offering many more courses. Suggestions are welcomed; please address your child's division principal for any suggestions and ways of improving our Enrichment Program.


The Enrichment Program offers students optional door-to-door transportation services for an extra fee. DCIS is committed to supporting student achievement and welfare by planning and supervising safe and effective transportation routes and stops. 

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If you are interested in enrolling your child in DCIS's Extracurricular Program, or have any questions regarding course catalog, pricing, student transportation services, etc. please contact your child’s academic division secretary or complete this contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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Preschool Secretary: 8024
Elementary Secretary: 8025
Middle School Secretary: 8023
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