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DCS remains dedicated to our academic excellence while being inspired by innovation, and the importance of 21st-century learning skills. Our academic offering encompasses a nurturing learning environment for all students. The educational pathway starts in Preschool with a concentration in child development, and a strong focus on early stimulation. Educational studies move forward to Elementary School, where innovation becomes an essential part of learning. The initiation of research, writing processes, and scientific projects emerge. Later, Middle School years offer a fundamental standpoint for induction years for college preparation. Much emphasis is placed on project-based learning and real-life problem-solving. Finally, we reach High School, where dominant skills in college life take over and finalize the student’s preparation. We commend your decision to study at this dynamic institution that offers a signature engaged learning experience. At DCS, you are on the path to reaching your educational, professional, and personal goals. It is our commitment to offering a first-rate environment as you pursue scholarly, discovery, and personal growth.

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Program for Early Childhood Stimulation (PECS) & Toddler Center-Kindergarten

  • DelCampo School has a unique program that offers preschool students coordination and precise movement activities that stimulate specific areas in the brain. PECS combines movement, creativity, music, and integration of the senses to create an ideal learning environment, always taking into account each child’s pace of development.

  • The instructional strategies are based on a variety of hands-on activities that draw from the High Scope Curriculum® for preschool. Children are exposed to different learning activities that aim to develop the whole child.

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Elementary Academic Program (Grades 1st to 5th)

  • The Elementary Program prepares young students for academic success in the DCS Middle and High School programs while developing good work habits and character, creating a firm foundation for the future. It provides students with a sound academic foundation in an environment where students are valued and respected. Our faculty foster students' creativity with the freedom to explore and develop individually through our rigorous standards-based curriculum.

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Middle School Academic Program (Grades 6th to 8th)

  • The Middle School Program of Study offers rich classroom instruction stressing active learning strategies. Skills development and organization are major goals of our DCS program. All classes emphasize the need to write, speak, and listen effectively in both English and Spanish languages. Students are challenged to think critically and are given the opportunity to solve complex problems and make informed decisions. It is at this level that we start offering Honor level courses in Math and Science.

High School


High School Academic Program (Grades 9th to 12th)

  • The DCS High School Academic Program continues preparing students to achieve high learning standards with a focus on college readiness. Core courses are aimed to prepare students to think critically, analyze their sources of information, use technology responsibly, and adhere to the DCS's academic profile. In High School, we continue offering Honor level Math and Physics classes. Students start taking AP® courses in English, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, Psychology, and Math, as well as different standardized tests such as the PSAT® and SAT®, to continue on their college readiness path.

The Academy

The Academy

  • DCS is the only school in the region that offers a specialized program that focuses on individualized instruction, curriculum accommodation, psycho-pedagogical evaluation, and bilingual speech therapy.

  • DCS is the only school in Honduras that offers a Gifted & Talented Program.

  • Academy offers a unique program where teachers plan according to students’ differences so that all students can learn. Teachers develop personalized instruction, activities, and accommodate the curriculum as needed.

  • Academic referrals from mainstream school such as pull-outs, IEP's, and the Gifted & Talented Program are offered.

  • Our pull-out service is available for students who require remedial instructional support in one or two classes.