We are an outstanding private, bilingual, Toddler – 12, accredited, college preparatory school dedicated to educational excellence, where students are inspired and challenged to reach their full potential. At DCS, character development is as important as academic achievement and we integrate our community values into daily instruction.

Our rigorous curriculum, open campus and highly qualified staff place students at the center of learning, so they are successful in the classroom, the university, and throughout their careers.

At DelCampo, our goal is to shape confident, well-rounded students and inspire each to reach new heights.

Our students receive an exceptional education which helps them develop a vision of the contemporary world. They are respectful, compassionate and committed global citizens who are ready to make a significant contribution to society.

DCS is a warm and supportive community where your family will feel at home.

Why do families choose DelCampo School?

  1. At DCS, you will find a culture of excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities.
  2. DCS is a friendly and caring school where every student counts.
  3. DCS students are surrounded by a community of exceptional educators, administrators and support staff, who support their learning, inspire their academic success, and ensure their well-being.
  4. DCS provides an innovative, balanced, dynamic and integrated Curriculum. Each experience is a building block that grows in challenge year to year.
  5. DCS prepares your child for a lifetime of success by respecting them for who they are and helping them discover who they will become.
  6. At DCS, students are motivated and eager to learn, are willing to take risks in order to grow, and show compassion for others.
  7. DCS students are actively involved in real learning; we prepare them to lead and thrive in a changing world. Our graduates continue their learning at top Universities around the world
  8. DCS students fully develop their own personalities, bolstering their strengths and cultivating their passions.
  9. DCS students are always discovering new opportunities and experimenting with new approaches to problem solving.
  10. DCS supports an extensive extra-curricular program for all the students to explore their passions.