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DCS recognizes the importance of being part of a global community. Therefore, we work to identify partnerships that can lead to educational collaborations among our professionals and student body with institutions and personnel outside our educational community.

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Membresia DCS


We are interested in strengthening student educational and professional networks world wide, furthering our community's exposure to educational organizations and enhancing their personal and professional development.  In addition to directly connecting with schools and educators, memberships allows students and faculty to have access to a wealth of educational and benchmarking resources specifically designed for educational programs. Through content and sports driven events, memberships connect DelCampo with the information, people, and best practices that are shaping the future of education.

Acreditaciones DCS


Accredited programs and institutions undergo rigorous review before accreditation is granted and are evaluated regularly to insure continued compliance with standards and policies that demonstrate the quality of the institutional or individual programs. Accreditation fosters program accountability, and engagement in continuous peer review and improvement. Accrediting agencies are third-party entities whose purpose is to ensure that institutions meet standards for program quality and that they are committed to continuous improvement.

To obtain and maintain accreditation, DCS must  meet the requirements of the accrediting body related to curriculum, program admission and exit requirements, course offerings, program faculty, facilities and financial resources, among other areas.

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Testing Center

At DCS, we administer a wide variety of standarized college prep assessments for our high school students. Members of our outside community, such as students for other schools and working professionals, can benefit from this service as well. 

  • SAT®/Subject Test
  • Cambridge Assessment
  • ETS® Certified Test Administration Site
  • TOEFL® Testing Center