Pre-school students working on iPads. 

Pre-school students working on iPads. 

At DCIS, innovation has been our constant, reason why DelCampo implemented the use of the iPad in the classroom as an educational tool that came to strengthen the teaching and learning for all our students.

The 1to1 iPad program, is designed to provide our students with more than computer basic skills or software programs. It has been planned to be incorporated across the curriculum to deepen and enrich learning.   Our strong school curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards and our active approach to learning demanded us to transition to the use of the latest generation of technological tool that could be implemented in the classroom as a learning resource not only to facilitate the access to information, but for the purpose of student production. 

The 1 to 1 iPad program also provides our students the chance to use technology on a daily basis to support all curricular goals.  Our students are not only challenged, but have been given a setting where they can experience what really occurs in an office context in real life.  It is through these experiences where they can further develop their analysis and problem-solving skills. 

To this date, students have used the device successfully to create class presentations, research, send and receive assignments, check their grades in real time, and have also been taught to handle numerous educational applications to produce:

• Audiovisual Production (video clips, short films, Educreations)

• Music production (soundtracks, special effects, Podcasts)

• Editorial Design (Magazines, Brochures, Books, InDesign)

• Graphic Design (Logos, brand books, Photoshop, Illustrator)

• Word processing (Pages, Word, Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi)

• Blogging (Artsonia, Blogger)

• Web Design (iWeb, Codecademy)

• Schoology (Educational data base)

DCIS aims to instill in each of our students the skills and knowledge that will be the foundation of their future academic success not only in their college years, but in their professional lives as well. Our alumni are a testimony of our educational goals as they have proven themselves as successful, skillful and creative individuals who are able to go into the world to face challenges effectively using technological innovation.