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Our History



DelCampo School is a college preparatory school offering instruction in a wide range of content areas that focus on developing competencies and reflective life-long learners by challenging all to a high academic standard while encouraging honesty and social responsibility.


DelCampo School aims to develop in each student the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently in order to attain his or her academic and personal potential. Our larger purpose is to equip students to lead constructive and fulfilling lives, to appreciate and respect a diverse range of cultures, and to have a sense of service and responsibility toward the global community.

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Our Last 30 Years

DelCampo School (DCS) was founded in 1987. During its first six years, it offered pre-school and elementary grades, growing annually until 1993, when the Honduran Ministry of Education authorized the establishment of the secondary education program. By then, the school's vision was clearly defined, centered on the premise of providing a high quality bilingual, American style, college preparatory education. A school focused on developing competent and reflective life-long learners, by challenging all to high academic standards while encouraging honesty and social responsibility. The school curriculum was designed to allow students to earn the equivalent of a U.S. recognized high school diploma as well as the Honduran Baccalaureate degree.  In 2010, DelCampo became the first school in the country to adopt the Common Core State Standards. Its full implementation began shortly thereafter. 

On August 2010, DelCampo Academy initiated a one-of-a-kind, world recognized, full time academic program to provide services for students with specific  learning needs. Furthering its  academic offering,  “The Academy” expanded its services  to include, school wide pull-out services, Spanish as a Foreign Language, and speech, occupational and executive function therapies.   In 2017, we implemented  the only Gifted and Talented  Program in Honduras.

DelCampo School´s history of achievement in providing college counseling services and assisting students seeking to continue their studies at the university level outside of Honduras, is well known. The College Counseling office has successfully developed strong binding relationships with university admissions' offices throughout the United States and around the world. These relationships have translated into millions of dollars of scholarship money being awarded to DCS' students. The program´s success is a testament to the school´s quality academic program and most importantly to our students' academic preparation.

At DCS, we are proud of our past but recognize that we cannot rest on our many achievements.  Through the efforts of the entire DCS community, we are optimistic that our future will be even brighter as we undertake the challenges of preparing our students for university study and professional careers in the 21st century.



DelCampo School is a unique, child centered school dedicated to providing a high quality bilingual education, integrating modern technology, best practices, and educational methods to promote learning in a process of discovery, experimentation, and reflection.

Curricular integration based on the investigation of multifaceted problems enables students to discuss social and environmental issues of great relevance in the community, as well as promoting interpersonal skills.

Our educational program develops students with a high self-esteem who act according to a system of values, and it enables students to become global citizens of the 21st century, showing respect towards others and with the understanding of and tolerance for differences.

The school´s academic program, through which students create their understanding, develop effective written and oral communication skills, analytical thinking, research skills, and problem solving techniques. It also promotes creativity, builds teamwork and collaboration, and provides a solid foundation in language arts, mathematics, the sciences, social studies, the arts, and physical education.

DCS is in a constant process of growth and improvement; hence, personal progress and development. Our staff is 100% committed to keeping up with our Mission and Vision. We believe that together, we make DCS a unique place for a child to develop to his or her full potential.