Admissions Policy

Our admission process is holistic, which means we look at each aspect of your child’s application.

DCS welcomes qualified applicants with a variety of talents, interests, and perspectives, regardless of race, religion, gender, creed or nationality. 

We seek students who:

  1. Are respectful to others
  2. Are hardworking and determined individuals
  3. Have a record of good conduct
  4. Are motivated and enthusiastic about learning,
  5. Will contribute to and benefit from the stimulating academic environment DCS offers,
  6. Whose qualities can enrich our DCS community


We also seek parents that are committed to DCS vision, mission philosophy and values.

Our Admissions Office accepts applications for admission on a continuous basis throughout the year, however, we suggest applying as soon as possible since we have limited availability.

Admission is granted based on the level of preparedness demonstrated by the student to perform successfully in our program and the availability of vacancies.

Admission’s priority is given to students who are children of DelCampo School faculty and staff, siblings of currently enrolled DCS students, children of DCS alumni, and international students.

Good grades and high-test scores alone do not guarantee admission to DelCampo School. Moral character and behavior is as important as academic achievement.

Step by Step Application Process


S. 1

Schedule a Parent Talk and Tour

If you have not already arranged for a parent visit, please call, e-mail us, or schedule a tour on calendar option. Families who live out of state or country, can begin the online application process prior to their arrival in Tegucigalpa.

S. 2

Pay Application Fee

$25.00 (except for grades Toddlers-Grade 3 ).  If you child is admitted to DCS, this fee will be accredited to your child’s account; otherwise, this fee is non-refundable.

S. 3

Admissions Test

Admissions Office schedules Admissions Test and an interview with Admissions Director

S. 4

Submit Application Form

Complete and submit Application Form  (Approximately 10 - 15 minutes)

S. 5

To expedite the process, families can present required copies of supporting documents be email or in perso.

Please refer to the admissions requirements by academic division section.  A family who wishes to apply and turn-in all documentation in person, can do so by scheduling an appointment with the Admissions Director.

S. 6

Assessment Day. Please deliver all documents that are required in their original form at this time. 

Once academic criteria have been met, student participates in an assessment day which includes, but is not limited to, a personal interview with the Academic Principal and /or Division Counselor.

The Admissions Committee uses past and current academic records, recommendations from the applicant’s teachers, writing samples, and any other information necessary to assess a good fit between our program, the student and the family. We are committed in making all admission decisions with in depth, careful consideration.

We may also request a parent interview to discuss the application further.

S. 7

Admissions Committee makes decision

Admission Committee will not review  student file until the student's file is complete. Admissions decisions made by the committee are final.

S. 8

Family is notified about admissions decision

The Admissions Office will communicate the acceptance decision to the family by email.