Wildcat Athletics


To develop a sports program that allows the participation of all students with a focus on values, discipline, and commitment.


DelCampo International School will be the sports leader in Honduras and the Central American region in the area of inter-scholastic athletics, allowing students the opportunity to participate in Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field and Table Tennis.

Program Parameters

The extra-curricular sports program at DelCampo International School is committed to the ideals of; School Spirit, Character Education, Sportsmanship, Discipline, and Teamwork.


Student receive swimming lessons from 1st through 5th grade. They begin learning how to swim by first putting their face underwater, jumping inside the pool and developing underwater body position, arm movements, kicking, floating and breathing.  Once our students develop underwater skills they move on to stroke development by learning to swim in freestyle, breastroke, backstroke and butterfly.


At DelCampo International, students are passionate about soccer! Our main goal is to contribute to the healthy development of our student´s growth, combined with the development of different character traits such as discipline, integrity, leadership, sportsmanship, and responsibility. Our soccer program starts from an early age with the integration of the discipline in our physical education curriculum and is also offered as part of our extracurricular program.  


Our students begin practicing the basketball since Kindergarten as part of their Physical Education curriculum. But it is until the Middle School level that we start training with the boys and girls from 7th and 8th grade to build upon the basic skills learned in their Physical Education class with a combination of the development of the skills every basketball player needs to win and compete. Once in the Junior and Varsity levels our students are trained to compete and our major goal is to win.

Through the practice of Basketball, DelCampo International promotes a comprehensive development of athletes through orientation, learning and practice.


Tennis is offered as part of our Physical Education classes ftom preschool grades through 5th grade.  Children are exposed to this game with the purpose of developing eye hand coordination, flexibility, balance, concentration and speed.  It is DCIS´s goal, with the practice of this sport, to provide our students different arenas in which they can excel and gain experience. 


As all sports practiced at DelCampo International, practicing volleyball comes with the need to reinforce and increase the development of character in our students.  Students are trained in the basic skills of volleyball from an early age and begin participating in interscholastic competitions in seventh grade. Junior and Varsity teams are made up by students who have persisted in the game and who have developed the good habits of health, fitness and safety.