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Welcome to Elementary School

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Welcome Letter

Directoria de primaria

Welcome to our Elementary division, where student ́s curiosity, energy, and imagination unfolds. At DelCampo School, we believe in being prepared, being respectful, being an example, and having Pride in our school.

When a child enrolls at DelCampo School, an ample and varied journey begins. Learning happens everywhere, from the open outdoor spaces to the science labs, to the classrooms. Our school provides a nurturing and stimulating environment in which academics take place through a variety of active learning activities that involve whole class, grouping, and independent activities.

We offer a holistic environment that embraces not only academics but also the socio-emotional aspects which will prepare children to meet the challenges of their everyday life.

DCS fosters student academic success and core values, being these, our main goals at DCS. We believe every student will learn to the highest level, and we are prepared to offer the time and support that every student needs. Teachers value their students’ backgrounds and experiences and create a meaningful and warm environment for learning.Our staff encompasses highly qualified educators who are committed to providing students with the support they will need to develop into life long learners.

At DCS, we grasp the natural enthusiasm, energy, and inquiry of every child. A curriculum that is challenging yet exciting; that inspires students to excel: think critically, be creative, and work collaboratively. Students receive support from individualized assistance through mentoring, remedial, and counseling/psychology programs that take place throughout the year.

We are committed to offering our students and families a great experience while at DelCampo; opening the bridges of communication and providing all the support needed.

Mrs. Linda Cruz
Elementary School Principal

What makes us special

At DCS Elementary, we promote educational excellence, personal responsibility and balanced growth, thereby,  helping students discover and develop their talents and achieve their outmost potentials.

Robust teacher support, active family engagements, supportive learning environments, and dynamic educational experiences, as well as, strong social and emotional student growth, and a school-wide climate of high expectations, enables our students to achieve academic success, gain knowledge in core subject areas, and develop personal responsibility and integrity. By combining academics with a strong sense of community, we help children become global citizens, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.

Starting in Kindergarten throughout High School, DCS exceeds Common Core State Standards. We consistently provide an innovative approach to learning, resulting in students who are well prepared, engaged, and proud of their scholastic accomplishments. Access to an array of learning opportunities, technology, hands-on learning materials, such as science-experiment tools, creates a positive learning environment for young children to thrive.


Language Arts . . .

Our English Language Arts program based on the Common Core State Standards aids students at all grade levels to develop the necessary skills that will allow them to communicate effectively, organize their ideas clearly, and to read and write independently in an enjoyable environment. Implementing novel reading in our classrooms broadens our students´ literature skills allowing them to experience and appreciate different writing styles, and to develop their own understanding of diverse cultures and traditions.

Information Technology . . .

At DCS Elementary, computer labs and iPads are used as a powerful tool for enriching our students´ learning. Technology is implemented through practical experiences in all subject areas. These tools, which have a wide variety of applications, are indeed ruling society. In order to keep up with the pace of today's growing technological needs, technological competency is imperative. Knowing about the basic components of a computer and the iPad, the concepts behind their use, and the know-how of the applications constitutes our class objectives. Students from preschool to third grade have access to DCS´s iPads in their classrooms, perhaps students from fourth to twelve grade carry their own device.

Writing . . .

DCS creates an engaged community of writers at a very early age. We teach students to be effective writers by providing daily time for them to write across subject areas. We teach students to use the writing process for a variety of purposes, and to become fluent with handwriting, spelling, sentence and parragraph construction, and editing.

Math . . .

Children develop critical thinking skills and the fundamental ideas of arithmetic numbers, geometry, data, measurement and algebraic thinking. Students are challenged to use mathematical tools, resources, and skills to interpret and solve everyday problems. Students build up their understanding through practical hands on activities. They are encouraged to explore, analyze, and discover the world through mathematics.

Science . . .

Science encourages the understanding of the processes for learning, experimenting, evaluating and following the scientific method. Students observe the world, question it, and try to discover the reason why things happen around them. Science laboratories are available for the young students, and through research, collecting, and analyzing data they build on their discoveries and learning. They predict and test their ideas using concepts and the understanding of adequate terminology. DelCampo School enhances the love for science by encouraging students to become "New Scientists" inviting them to observe, use a variety of resources and technology and analyze natural phenomena.

Spanish Language Arts . . .

Spanish Language Arts, initiates with the learning and development of our mother tongue. Spanish is taught, for students to properly use forms of communications in different situations, and reflect on language usage. The integration of different literary genres is an important element in the development of the language as students are motivated to becoming independent readers. Writing in the mother tongue is imperative for Spanish speaking students and the skills needed are acquired by the use of different teaching strategies where children are driven from simple sentences to the construction of full paragraphs.

Social Studies . . .

Social Studies provide students with the skills for productive problem solving and decision making, as well as for assessing issues and making thoughtful value judgments. Above all, the social studies program helps students to integrate these skills and understandings into a framework for responsible citizen participation, whether in their playgroup, the school, the community, or the world. Children develop an informed world-view to understand their unique role in a global context and how as individuals they contribute to society as global citizens.


Support Services

Our highly trained and dedicated staff is committed to your child's well-being. We have structured a well developed guidance and counseling program throughout the school year to help students set positive goals, exercise responsibility, and improve academic success.  We also conduct parent and teacher workshops to strengthen your child's support system. By ensuring socio-emotional health, student achievement improves dramatically.


Mentoring Program

Quality mentoring enriches young people’s lives, since it provides students with a personal connection to others. It teaches accountability and provides encouragement, support, and advocacy. Our mentoring program increases self-esteem, motivation,  school engagement, and communication skills.


Pull Out Program

Our pull-out services adapt instruction to students' unique needs and provide plenty of direct instruction appropriate to their levels of readiness.  Some students need individualized attention or small group instruction to ensure academic success. 


Gifted & Talented Program

Where Elementary kids become extraordinary!

DCS provides innovative personalized programs that help students become advanced learners in core subjects.  

Sports in Elementary School

At DCS, we know that Sports support  knowledge learned in other disciplines, including science, math and social studies, increases self-discipline, judgment and goal-setting skills, strengthen relationships with peers, reduces stress, and improves self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our elementary students have great opportunities to actively participate in different sporting events at regional, national, and international levels enhancing their social, emotional and overall wellness.


Co-Curricular Experiences

DCS is known and recognized for offering physical and creative outlets during the school day and after school. Recent studies show a correlation between improved grades, behavior, and work habits because of student’s involvement in after school activities.

From strengthening the mind to promoting better time management and prioritizing skills, extracurricular activities help our students succeed in much more than just their academic endeavors, widening their social circle, building self-confidence, team work, and exploration of interests and talents.

Additional programs at the Elementary level address a wider range of abilities and interests. DCS offers other academic programs including tutoring and our exemplary enrichment program that benefit young students of all ability levels.



DCS Elementary School Clubs provides young students with the opportunity to explore creative ideas and talents through project based learning, which are extensions of the elementary grades curriculum.  Students at DCS have a wide array of activities they can choose from to enhance their talents. Our qualified instructors are dedicated professionals who invest valuable time to enrich each and every participant.   

Enrichment Program

DCS Elementary Enrichment Program is suitable for all students grades 1-5. We only hire professionals with proven experience to deliver our curriculum. We offer complete hands-on enrichment activities that extend learning beyond the school day. We make ideas come to life with our innovative curriculum designed to inspire both teachers and students.


Tutoring Program

DCS offers a quality academic tutoring program that helps children reach their full potential in their Elementary years, impacting academic achievement thereafter.  Tutoring is often an important part of a young student’s education. A DCS tutor  generally works one-on-one with a student to address his / her learning needs. Tutors can assist the beginning reader, help a struggling student understand difficult math concepts, or provide more in-depth instruction for a child looking for greater knowledge in a particular subject. 


Parental Involvement

Since Parental involvement plays a crucial role in a child’s life.  We encourage all parents to stay connected and take advantage the many communication channels DCS provides parents and guardians throughout the school year.

From setting goals with their children and fostering achievement of those goals; accessing and using children’s academic scores to ensure they are on track; developing a relationship with their children’s teachers, frequently viewing DCS parent portal ( School Front), to advocating for continuous improvement, parental involvement plays a crucial role in the lives of all our DCS’s students.

We also encourage active parental participation in school activities, sports, artistic, cultural events and projects, parents’ workshops, parent teacher conferences and committees. By monitoring and supporting their children, parents can be engaged in ways that ensure their children have every opportunity for success.



Educational success in High School can be linked to Elementary school achievement; therefore, parent involvement in Elementary school provides lasting benefits to children through High School. At DCS ,we recognize that parent involvement in school is an important component in early childhood education to help promote long-term effects.

Escuela para Padres

DCS hosts Parents Workshops once a month. Well-known Psychologists and other child specialists interact with our parents’ community to provide meaningful guidelines on parenting. Topics may include,  maintaining excellent communication with their children,  prevention and early intervention strategies,  and overall guidelines on how to raise well-rounded citizens.

Parent Teacher Conferences

To support our students academically in and out of school, administrators, teachers, and families need a shared understanding of their children’s learning outcomes, and work as partners to meet their academic and socio-emotional needs. 


All parents are welcomed and encouraged to get involved in their child's education and well-being  by participating in different events, fundraising efforts, and school celebrations. 



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From the front door and school grounds to each classroom, the aesthetics of learning spaces impact brain function and influence how students feel when they're in school.

Quality education in a safe, organized physical environment is a key component to student engagement and success. DCS facilities encourages children’s sense of security, allowing them to feel comfortable with learning and take risks within the classroom. Well-lit classrooms with relevant visual displays and resources inside  the classroom allows for efficient use of time by both students and teachers.


Science Labs

In early grades, Science activities lay the groundwork for students' understanding of scientific concepts through hands-on lab experiments. Laboratory experimentation is the best way to introduce students to scientific inquiry, the process of asking questions and conducting experiments as a way to understand the natural world.  These labs allow students to design investigations, engage in scientific reasoning, manipulate equipment, record data, analyze results, and discuss their findings.

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Dance Studio

DCS Dance Program seeks to nurture students as creators and performers. As students experiment with movement, they learn the fundamentals techniques, explore various dance styles, choreograph performances, and perform for others. Dance builds creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills. Learning through movement allows students to build kinesthetic connections as they experience the world around them, while encouraging a creative outlet for expression.


Outdoor Learning Environments

DCS offers green spaces to enrich academic, social, and emotional learning opportunities. Children have access to recreational lawn areas, gardens, and other flora reflecting our commitment to providing our students, staff, and our community the appropriate learning environment with attractive, aesthetic, and nurturing green space to promote greater physical activity by students.

Our gardens enable teachers to make the curriculum more engaging and memorable; hence, enhancing learning outcomes. In addition, our young students learn to appreciate and take care of their environment.

Middle School

Our Staff

Our staff plays a major role in the educational quality at DCS. High expectations for teachers mean high expectations for our young learners. Each DCS Elementary teacher shows a passion for the field and gets the kids just as excited about learning.

Elementary teachers have a strong understanding of math and language arts, since these subjects build the foundation for learning. Every class in our Elementary Division allows students to explore and make connections through hands-on learning activities.

Campus Visit


Contact Us

We look forward to welcoming you to DelCampo. During your stay, you are welcome to visit a class and request an on-campus interview with your division Principal. We strongly encourage you to get to know us better through a campus visit- we want to share all the great things we do. Our explicative website still does not do justice to all what DelCampo represents in a child’s life. Our green areas, active classrooms, happy children and friendly environment will make you want to become part of the DelCampo family.