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Welcome to DelCampo School

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Our Divisions


Our Preschool offers the most complete and specialized early childhood educational program in the country, with a unique and carefully designed curriculum. At DCS, kids start their learning process in our unique Program for Early Childhood Stimulation (PECS).


An excellent Elementary education is the foundation for future academic success; hence,  we offer a highly competitive program based on active learning. We have the country’s only Science, Chemistry, and Physics Lab oriented exclusively for elementary students.

Middle School

Middle School at DCS is a time of much growth.  Our goal is to prepare our students to be global citizens who are prepared and inspired to make a positive difference.
 Much emphasis on project-based learning and real-life problem solving. A challenging and rigorous academic program places students on the launch pad towards a successful High School experience.


High School

Our High School program is designed to ensure our students the best scholarship opportunities into the most prestigious colleges around the world. We have the best and most specialized College Advisory Program in the country, with a 100% acceptance rate for international universities.


Our next 30 years

Over the past three decades, we’ve been hard at work transforming DelCampo School to be just as unique and successful for the next three decades.

With all these exciting changes happening, we thought it was time for a new visual expression of our brand — one that connects our past to our present and sets the course for where we’re headed in the future. 

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College Prep

DCS graduates are successful in colleges and universities both nationally and internationally. Year after year, 100% of the DCS graduates who apply abroad, are admitted to renowned universities worldwide.  College representatives schedule visits with DCS High School students and informs them about their admission processes, career opportunities, campus life, housing, and financial aid. Students have the opportunity to investigate, establish relationships, and wisely choose the university of their liking.

One World, Three Programs

The Academy

DelCampo Academy is designed for students who require specialized instruction on any end of the learning spectrum: from specific learning disabilities to gifted and talented.  Our goal is for students to achieve academic excellence and personal growth while thriving in their classrooms and in their future learning endeavors.

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English Center

A place where anyone can learn English as a Foreign Language with the most convenient schedules that adjusts to their busy lifestyle. Our English Center is AdvanCED accredited and an ETS TOEFL® testing center, making us the best option in the country.

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Enrichment Program

Our Enrichment Program offers a unique learning experience that allows students to expand their academic, athletic, artistic, and musical talents. Your children will thrive, love, and enjoy a full range of exemplary extracurricular activities. Our enrichment program is open to the public.


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