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Educational Learning Commons

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.
— Sidney Sheldon
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Dear DelCampo Community,

I want to extend a warm welcome to DCS Learning Commons (ELC). DCS is a participatory learning community where students collaborate in problem based learning and discovery. Our ELC provides the whole community with the best resources and technologies to help build personal expertise and collaborative knowledge.

Everyone wins in this active learning environment; both students and teachers get better and better and whole school improvement is a natural outcome.

Offering a welcoming environment, students can enjoy independent reading, learn research and design methods, and develop inquiry and critical thinking skills. 

Teachers converge at our ELC to take advantage of a professional network of learning , which contributes in expanding their own professional growth and self improvement.

A place for knowledge building and self-directed discovery empowers our community of learners as designers of their own future.

You are welcomed to drop by at any time to witness 21 century learning at its finest!


Master of Library and Information Science


7:15 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.



The Educational Learning Commons is an important hub in a DelCampo students’ life. Here, you can check out books, conduct your research, find a quiet place to study, and maybe even flip through a magazine. What’s more our community of learners have access to educational research websites and  search engines for online referencing.



Kindergartners have the opportunity to make weekly visits and choose a book to take home and read with parents for enjoyment. The Educational Learning Commons print and electronic resources are used to support vocabulary and knowledge acquired in class. They also receive instructions and expand their vocabulary related to library science.



Elementary students have the opportunity to make a class group weekly visit and choose a book to encourage their love for reading. They can make an individual visit to check out books or use electronic items as another information resource to support them with their information needs.

They also, attend a weekly library class in which they learn how to find and use resources to help them expand vocabulary and knowledge shared during their own interactive learning based on DCS's curriculum. They learn to appreciate literature, strengthen library concepts, and learn by doing.



Secondary students may choose a maximum of four books to read for enjoyment.

Responsibility is a value that we encourage by teaching our students to take car of resources and turning them back on time.

Secondary students have access to different work stations for student led and project based learning,  strengthening relationships among classmates.

The ELC opens new worlds where students connect knowledge with technology.

ELC Resources

Media Center

DCS’ Media Center mission is to support the learning process by providing a wide range of resources that will give each student an opportunity to achieve academic success.  We assist students, teachers and staff in becoming effective users of information, foster a love or reading, and partner with teachers to teach information literacy skills.


The ELC’s subscription databases contain information taken from published works, such as encyclopedias, research based articles, academic journals and magazines/newspapers. Information in databases is published by professionals or experts in their field, which goes through an editorial process to check facts. This ensures students have access to primary sources for effective research development.

Study Areas

The ELC is an ideal place conducive to learning. DCS community  can enjoy specially designated quiet areas to study.