Preschool Principal

Preschool Principal

Welcome to DCIS Preschool

I´m honored to lead a highly qualified certified team of teachers who are at the forefront of early childhood education. In our preschool we ensure that each child’s emotional needs are met and we foster the confidence in their abilities. We personally coach preschool teachers to make sure that our curriculum is aligned to the mission and vision of DCIS respecting the way young learners acquire their skills and abilities.

DCIS preschoolers are happy and love to learn because we provide: a developmentally appropriate curriculum, a specialized program for pre-reading and pre-writing skills, a social and emotional development, comfortable and spacious classrooms.

As a vital part of this learning experience, our priority is to harmonize the child´s natural exploration, communication, creativity and social interactions. In DCIS, we encourage our children to be academically successful and believe that when they feel good about themselves, they succeed in school and in the years to come. We provide developmentally appropriate and nurturing learning opportunities and activities that develop good manners, qualities and values which will help them lead a constructive and fulfilling life.

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Mrs. Jessica Montoya
DCIS Preschool Principal

Who We Are

DCIS’ preschool recognizes the importance of developmentally appropriate practices; which are designed to help each child realize their own potential and provide a foundation for future learning. DCIS also recognizes the need to develop twenty first century skills in our youngsters, reason why, we provide authentic preschool education which addresses the child as a whole. 

DelCampo also acknowledges the importance of providing quality early childhood education as we know that children's development, into a whole child, should include intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative growth. Our preschool has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere which aids in the development of knowledge based on each child’s interests and needs. All these with the assurance that learning at the DCIS Preschool is always fun.

In our preschool we ensure that each childs emotional needs are met and foster the confidence in their abilities.

Children learn best when they are actively involved in their environment and build knowledge based on their experiences rather than passively receiving information.

Through active learning environments we promote hands on learning activities and allow children to interact with teachers and peers. 

Pre-School Teacher

I love the feeling of success when I see my students’ growth in every sense, developing many skills and performing a critical thinking way of working that takes them to success. 
Being part of the DCIS staff is the most unique and rewarding experience a teacher can have!!

Course Descriptions


Math is an important tool for children to learn how to solve problems quickly, in DCIS we lay that foundation by giving them the opportunities to explore math to develop skills in spatial awareness, shapes and geometry, counting and cardinality, algebraic thinking, measurements, logical thinking, and opposites.


Fine Motor

The detail work we do throughout the day usually incorporates fine motor skills. Without them, we could not write, type, play musical instruments or complete a puzzle.  In DCIS, our children have daily opportunities to develop small-muscle skills through using equipment such as pegboards, puzzles, manipulatives to develop  proper grasping skills and through engaging in activities such as painting and cutting.


We encourage our children to be academically successful and we believe that when children feel good about themselves, they are more prone to succeed in school in the years to come.  In fact, we daily provide opportunities for our young students to put in practice good manners, qualities and values which help them become better human beings.


Children naturally love music.  In DCIS, we take advantage of this love and provide experiences for our young learners to enjoy a wide variety of musical activities, such as: singing, rhyming, playing musical instruments, playing hand games. We develop creativity and imagination through moving and dancing exposing students to different cultures through music.


Pre-reading and pre-writing skills in English and Spanish are developed through age-appropriate activities.  Students learn to extend their vocabulary and the understanding of grammar through conversations with their teachers, by sharing picture stories, songs and rhymes. This in turn helps with reading comprehension strategies and phonological awareness.  Children learn to enjoy language and develop a love for books, which motivate them to communicate using symbols. As a result, DCIS' young students leave our preschool reading and writing in English and Spanish.



At DCIS children’s interest in science is built through hands-on experiments which foster curiosity, a drive to touch, explore and discover, and a desire to challenge theories and to share new ideas.  As a result, our children develop self-confidence by learning to inquire and discuss with peers and teachers.


We make sure that children have daily opportunities to use large muscles by running, jumping, and balancing.  Outdoor activities are planned daily so children can develop spatial and body awareness, gross motor skills and express themselves freely through sports.  Our main objective is for our students to become life-long movers.

PECS is a unique Early Stimulation Program for preschoolers, implemented in DelCampo International School. The opportunity for our students when stimulated early and in timely manner at this level is invaluable. Early learning in preschool has a natural and effective influence in the learning capacity of children, their social relationships, their physical and mental health.