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Welcome Letter

Pre-School Principal DCS

I am honored to lead a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers who are at the forefront of early childhood education. At our preschool, we ensure that each child’s emotional and social needs are met, fostering self-confidence in their abilities.  Teachers are trained to support independence and decision-making, and are continuously coached to safe guard curriculum alignment with DCS’s mission, vision, student profile and values, while respecting the way young learners acquire their abilities and skills.

DCS preschoolers are happy learners since we provide them with a developmentally appropriate learning environment based on the principles of HighScope® Curriculum; a specialized approach for pre-reading and pre-writing skills where active participatory learning is emphasized.  The HighScope® Curriculum is based on four decades of research providing its effectiveness in promoting children’s development. Children have direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, technology, events, and ideas. We integrate these activities with our unique Early Stimulation Program for preschool age children (PECS), which promotes each child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

As a vital part of this learning experience, our priority is to foster the child´s natural exploration, communication, creativity, and social interactions. We provide developmentally appropriate and nurturing learning opportunities, as well as activities for all children to develop self-confidence, character traits, and social-emotional skills that will help their optimal later development and growth.

DCS pre-school provides each student with the bases for academic success in their future.

We hope you enjoy your visit to DCS Preschool website.


Ms. Jessica Montoya
Pre-School Principal


At DCS, we understand how language develops; therefore, we are in the best position to promote the development of the Spanish Language (mother tongue), and simultaneously promote the acquisition of English as their second language, as early as age two.  We do so by ensuring that every child has a safe, secure environment, and meaningful social interactions.  In this way, teachers can maximize each child’s innate potential.

From Toddlers through Pre-Kindergarten, DCS Preschool curriculum is based on the principles of HighScope® approach for pre-reading and pre-writing skills where active participatory learning is emphasized.

In Kindergarten, DCS Preschoolers are introduced to The United States Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, Mathematics, and Core Subjects. These standards provide clear descriptions of learners’ outcomes; that is, what children’s understanding and skills should be by the time they enter first grade.

Language/Phonics. . .

Pre-reading and pre-writing skills in English and Spanish are developed through age-appropriate activities. Students learn to expand their vocabulary and the understanding of grammar through conversations with teachers and are encouraged to share picture stories, songs and rhymes with their peers. This in turn helps with reading comprehension strategies and phonological awareness. Children learn to enjoyment by using language and developing a love of books as well as mark-making activities, which motivate them to communicate through the usage of symbols. As a result, DCS young students graduate from Kindergarten demonstrating reading and writing proficiency in English and Spanish languages.

Math . . .

Math is an important learning tool for children which allows students to solve problems creatively. In DCS we lay an educational foundation by giving children the opportunities to explore math and develop several skills: spatial awareness, shapes and geometry, counting and cardinality, algebraic thinking, measurements, logical thinking, and opposites conceptualization.

Physical Education . . .

We ensure children have daily opportunities to use gross motor skills while exercising larger muscles through running, jumping, and balancing. Outdoor activities are planned daily so children can develop spatial and body awareness, and express themselves freely through a variety of sports. Our main objective is to create life-long movers.

Music . . .

Children naturally love music. In DCS, we provide experiences for our young learners to enjoy a wide variety of musical activities, such as: singing, rhyming, playing musical instruments, playing hand games, we develop creativity and imagination through moving and dancing. Children are exposed to different cultures through music.

Fine Motor . . .

We focus on details throughout the day involves the usage of fine motor skills. Without these, we could not write, type, play musical instruments or complete a puzzle. In DCS, our children have daily opportunities to develop smaller-muscle skills through the usage of pegboards, puzzles, manipulatives. These help in the development of dexterity and proper grasping skills.

Science . . .

In DCS, children’s interest in science is built through hands-on-experiments which foster curiosity, a drive to touch, explore, discover, create a desire to challenge theories and to share new ideas. As a result, our children develop self-confidence by learning to inquire and discuss with peers and teachers and this is a vital skill for school learning.

Social Skills . . .

At DCS, we encourage our children to be academically successful and we believe that when children feel good about themselves, they are more prone to succeed in school in the years to come. In fact, we daily provide opportunities for our young students to put in practice good manners, good qualities and values which help them become better human beings.


Early Childhood Support Services

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

At DCS, we keep abreast with the latest research on early childhood development and best practices. More importantly, we embed in our curriculum framework our core values, mission, vision, and student profile. DCS implements a Mentoring Program to ensure each student (Toddlers-Kindergarten) has an adult advocate to support their academic, socio-emotional, and overall wellbeing.

Pull Out


At DCS, we understand that children develop at their own pace. For those students who need additional support, we offer pull-out remedial services at DelCampo Academy. An interdisciplinary team, including the child’s homeroom teacher, develops an individualized plan for each student. Services include, speech, occupational, and executive function remediation strategies.

Gifted and talented program

Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted and talented  Kindergarteners are placed in our accelerated learning program  to help them reach their full potential. They are provided with advanced learning opportunities and placed  with peers who demonstrate similar strengths and interests.


Parental Involvement

Parental involvement in our preschool is essential to support the learning that occurs inside the classrooms and at home. Our families build the foundation for academic and lifelong success. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, plan events, prepare projects alongside their children, and participate in school-wide events.

At DCS, parent involvement leads to open communication and good relations between parents, teachers, and administrators. We offer parents plenty of opportunities to explore their child’s learning objectives and progressions and interact with our learning community through our annual open house, parent portal, classroom cultural celebrations, school-wide parent workshops, parent-teacher conferences, parents big book shared readings, science fair, sports, and recreational activities.

Parental Involvement.jpg



Specially Designed Classrooms

Our preschool facility is located within a beautifully landscaped gated area. We offer well-lit, fresh, and spacious carpeted classrooms with glass windows that encourage our teachers’ creativity and foster a warm, cozy learning environment.

Outdoor LEarning

DCS offers ample green spaces that allow for outdoor classroom experiences and discoveries that enrich our students’ academic, social, and emotional learning opportunities. Children have access to safe recreational areas reflecting our commitment to providing our students with greater physical activity and fresh air.



  • PECS is a unique Early Stimulation Program for preschoolers, uniquely created by and implemented in DelCampo School.

  • This program is specifically geared for children between the ages of 2-6 and provides them with a variety of enriching learning experiences, which are the basis for future learning and academic success.

  • We ensure age-appropriate developmental activities for each child, stimulating their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth.


Our Qualified Staff

  • DCS only hires certified teachers specializing in the different areas of our curriculum to ensure the quality of our unique early childhood education program.

  • Teachers foster our student’s growth and development by tapping into their innate curiosity and offering them developmentally appropriate resources.

  • Our staff carefully plan learning opportunities that encourage active learning and critical thinking.

  • We develop independence and responsibility by encouraging our students to make choices about their learning and behavior.


  • Our Music Program aims to develops social, cognitive and physical abilities in our Preschool students.
  • Music Enhances learning, as music readiness and academic readiness go hand-in-hand.
  • Music fosters a sense of community and belonging. Children learn to socialize with other children as they learn to make music together.
  • Music helps to develop listening, problem solving, and creative thinking skills, which significantly contributes to student growth an development.


Student/Teacher Ratio


Technology preescolar.jpg


  • We take advantage of technology to enhance our student´s natural curiosity by providing experiences and hands-on-learning activities that will help students use technology as a tool for learning.
  • We provide training and professional development to preschool staff on how technology can best enhance children´s early learning.

counseling preescolar.jpg

Counseling & Guidance Services

  • Preschool Guidance & Counseling  Services includes, strategies for school success, increase positive behaviors at home and at school, strengthen social skills and self-esteem, referrals, and parenting skills.
  • It is an effective liaison between DCS teachers and families providing a safe environment for positive communication. 

Campus Visit


Contact Us

We look forward to welcoming you to DelCampo. During your stay, you are welcome to visit a class and request an on-campus interview with your division Principal. We strongly encourage you to get to know us better through a campus visit- we want to share all the great things we do. Our explicative website still does not do justice to all what DelCampo represents in a child’s life. Our green areas, active classrooms, happy children and friendly environment will make you want to become part of the DelCampo family.