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Educational Core

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Educational Standpoint



DelCampo School believes in an active, child-centered learning environment where children’s differences are embraced and valued. Our school aims to provide students with a high-expectations' curriculum that prepares them to face the academic challenges of a higher education, where collaboration, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills are developed, and where life-long learning competencies are promoted. DelCampo School also believes in a welcoming working environment where its entire staff feels as part of a large caring community whose foremost goal is our students’ educational and personal well-being.



DCS is proud to affirm that is the only educational institution in Honduras where learning styles and differences are at the heart of its mission and vision. DCS was created to fill this educational gap. At DCS, those differences are considered assets and our students’ different learning styles are taken into consideration to plan instruction and assessment. The school’s and classrooms’ environment have a welcoming atmosphere where students, parents, and teachers feel at home; everyone’s voices are heard and respected, and our values are shared and practiced.



DelCampo School prepares its students for college by offering instruction in a wide range of content areas that focuses on developing 21 century competencies. It also develops reflective life-long learners by challenging each one to a high academic standard while encouraging honesty and social responsibility.



DCS’ goal is to develop in each student the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently in order to attain his or her academic and personal potential. In order to achieve this, DCS promotes project/problem based learning and assessments, critical analysis of different sources, investigating and researching current topics and global issues, and fostering discussions. Our larger purpose is to equip students to lead constructive and fulfilling lives, to appreciate and respect a diverse range of cultures, and to have a sense of service and responsibility toward the global community. We aim to achieve the latter by providing our students with the opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and international academic trips where they practice what they have learned in the classroom; where they can take their learning beyond the school environment.



At DCS we believe that our core values are the essence of our character and they reflect our deepest convictions. Here at DCS, we are committed to live them in everything we do. We believe in honesty and accountability, where all of us, take responsibility for our actions and work to amend them. Our institution is committed to care and service through social responsibility towards our community, both on and outside campus. We foster open communication, and we firmly believe in team work, as it is only through working cooperatively as a community that we can achieve our goals. DCS environment is conducive of growth and improvement; there is always room for growth and advancing, personally and professionally.



DCS students are encouraged to continue advancing and shining beyond the school environment. Instruction, learning activities, and extracurricular opportunities aim to develop life-long learners. Our students can communicate effectively, are tolerant with each other’s opinions and thoughts, can compete academically at national and international levels, can work collaboratively to achieve common goals, can reflect and critically analyze information and take risks, are socially responsible with their school and their community, and are respectful, honest and accountable for their actions.

Foundational Pillars

Student's Overall Well-Being


  • School-Wide Remedial Program 
  • Summer School 
  • DelCampo Academy
  • Enrichment Program
  • In-School Student Health Services
  • Counseling & Guidance Services in each academic area focusing on prevention and early intervention
  • College Prep and Career Advising
  • After School Programs



  • International Academic Trips and Competitions
  • Professional Development opportunities world-wide
  • Partnerships with Universities around the globe
  • International Accreditation  and Affiliations
  • International Exchange Sports Camp during Summer and Winter Seasons

Family Engagement


  • DCS hosts many socio-cultural events in which parents are invited to actively participate and enjoy: Cultures of the World, Feria Catracha, Film Festival, DCS Fun Days, Celebrations, Concerts.
  • DCS provides academic events that engage families in their children's learning.
  • DelCampo uses different channels of communication to inform parents about student performance and progress: open house, parent-teacher conferences, parent workshops, parent portal, progress reports, report cards, weekly letters, and newsletters.
  • Every year, the school conducts surveys to evaluate the stakeholders’ opinions regarding school services and performance, which are a crucial part of our continuous improvement efforts.
  • Important information and parenting advice is shared with our families at our ‘Escuela Para Padres’ events. We use these opportunities to engage parents in school-based activities.

Quality Instruction

Life-long learning skills

DelCampo School (DCS) provides students with numerous opportunities to develop life-long learning skills through a cross-curricular program that prepares them for college life and beyond. Differentiated instruction and active learning strategies aligned with the Common Core Standards, help fulfill students’ needs, and challenge them to reach their full potential. DelCampo is a source of great pride, as it is the only school of its kind in Honduras. It offers individualized instruction and guidance to students who have special educational needs.

  • XXI Century Competencies
  • Active Learning
  • Only Gifted & Talented Program In Honduras
  • Rigorous Standards-Based Curriculum 
  • Project and Problem Based Assessments
  • Curriculum and Instruction Office
  • Educational Learning Commons
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • PECS (Unique Early Stimulation Program for Pre-Schoolers)
  • Honors ans AP Courses
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