Extracurricular Activities

DelCampoInternational is proud to state that one of the major areas of development in our educational program is the emphasis given to the Extracurricular Activities. Year after year, an array of opportunities are provided for students to take part in an extenisive array of activities. These activities are planned with the mere objetive of enhancing our student profile and instilling a strong character in all our students. More than twenty clubs make up our list of extracurricular activities, most of  which are offered after school and on Saturdays.  These activities include: 

Partner for a Day

Partner for a Day is a program which fosters work-readiness experiences by providing High School students the opportunity to follow a professional during a whole day with the purpose of initiating them in the world of business and envisioning what their successful future will look like.


Book Club

The Book Club is a club aimed to foster friendships based on a common interest in reading. Members have the opportunity to share their favorite books with others. Student also select, read, and discuss books at each meeting. Promote the reading habit to other students.

Hacia democracy club

Since its inception in 1994, the Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy prides itself on being the world’s largest, oldest, and most prestigious simulation of the Organization of American States (OAS) and its sister organizations. Held in a different Latin American city ever year and headquartered in Cambridge, MA, it is run entirely by students at Harvard University, and is aimed at high school students interested in learning about the development of democracy and democratic institutions in Latin America and around the world.

Its mission is to inspire delegates by exposing them to the most challenging and fascinating issues facing the world today and encouraging them to devise creative solutions to address those problems. This goes hand-in-hand with the development of key practical skills through intensive debate: critical thinking, leadership, cooperation, negotiation, and public speaking.

United Way               

Student United Way is a student community change organization, led by students, that addresses critical education, income and health issues in their communities. Every Student United Way chapter is a partnership between the local United Way, the student youth club, and the community at large. The primary function of Student United Way is to offer school students a meaningful way to engage in United Way's mission and vision for the future. United Way brings the LIVE UNITED credo to life by providing real opportunities for students to give, advocate and volunteer to help others, improve their communities, and advance the common good.


Junior State of America (JSA) is an American youth organization. The purpose of the JSA is to help high school students acquire leadership skills and the knowledge to be effective debaters and civic participants. Since its beginning in 1934, JSA has been directed by students.  The program stimulates those students interested in politics, current affairs, laws, and education to write a bill which is debated in a simulation of Congress in Washington, D.C. in the month of February.   

Loving Hands Club

Loving Hands is a club dedicated to develop in students the sense of helping and caring for others in need. The club gets together every Monday after school to plan activities, collect donations, and prepare help for organizations in need such as orphanages and hospitals. Members of the Loving Hands Club visit these places once a month.  All students attend the place to deliver the donations themselves. This way they not only help others in need, but develop the habit of loving and caring for others.

Harvard Model Congress Club

The purpose of the Harvard Model Congress club is to engage students with American government through the simulation of government functions and roles.  Club members read and discuss topics related to the different U.S. government branches. 

Drama Club

The Drama Club offers students a chance to develop, practice and refine their skills as actors, improvisers and directors.  Student meet to create and take part in acting and improvising exercises. These are a precursor to the productions the students put on later in the academic year. 

Rock Band

The rock band club is aimed to develop students’ musical abilities by producing music of the genre of their preference. Students also play instruments in which they demonstrate a particular skill.

School Band

The program for DCIS School Band is designed as part of our students’ integral education. Students who are part of the Band develop important skills, qualities and abilities to make them successful musicians and performers. 

Bible Club

The purpose of this club is to teach students the word of God and how to apply it in their daily life. Students also learn to pray for each other’s needs and desires. Students read about the love of God throughout the ages by studying the wonderful stories of the Bible. The Bible Club also encourages and teaches its members to feel empathy for our friends’ needs and to love one another.

Art Club

The purpose of the club is to provide students the space and time to express themselves through the language of paint, drawing and sketching.  Students get together in teams to make their drawings and help each other with ideas.

Operation Smile Club

Operation Smile Club is a club directed to the Fundraising, volunteering and support of Medical Brigades which focus on providing re-constructive surgeries to children who suffer from cleft lip or pallet.  Students work and aid the "Operation Smile Association"  based on four pillars:  leadership, education, service, and awareness. Students enhance their own leadership skills and use them to positively impact the lives of others. 

Little Angels

Little Angels is a charitable organization whose mission is to reduce infant mortality in Honduras through the provision of optimal conditions for pregnancy, birth and newborn care. Member of The Little Angels Club get together in bimonthly meetings to prepare activities that support the National organization. 

Dance Club

The Dance Club aims at developing students’ dancing abilities. Students acquire proficiency and understanding of the multiple dance disciplines. They execute a variety of modern dance styles and enrich the quality of their dancing through somatic practices. Also, students are able to develop as choreographers and performers.

Spelling and Speech Club

The purpose of the Spelling and Speech Club is to provide opportunities for students to improve and practice their spelling and speech skills. Members learn about origins, prefixes, suffixes, along with tips and tricks to be able to compete in local and national Speech and Spelling Competitions.

ABC Club

The Anti-Bullying Club is oriented towards promoting positive interactions amongst our students and creating activities in which students design anti-bullying campaigns to continue fomenting a bully free school environment.

Math Club

The Math Club is an exclusive club created for students with outstanding math abilities and whose performance has exceeded in their math classes. The purpose of this club is to challenge students in math.

Knowledge Bowl Club

This club is geared towards those students who want to play the sport of the mind.  Students play in teams to compete for the acknowledgement of their academic skills.  Students who are part of this club are involved in fast thinking.  They are prepared throughout the year to compete in mural competitions where their knowledge on math, science, history, language skills, literature, music and geography is tested.

Junior achievement

Each year a select group of senior students participate in the Junior Achievement program. The purpose of Junior Achievement is to educate and inspire the young generations to value business and economy as a way to improve the quality of life. 

Through the Counselor´s Office, and with the valuable cooperation of teachers, students are nominated at the start of each school year for participation in club. Seniors chosen for this event must have an interest in entrepreneurship, be energetic, and have good social skills.

Model United Nations CLub

This club provides students a forum for the discussion of global issues in a real world context.  This club foster global citizenship and addresses topics such as regional conflicts, peacekeeping, social development, the environment, human rights and economical sustainability of the nations.

Student Council

DelCampo International School is well aware of the need to develop and train the future leaders of Honduras.

As a part of our leadership program students take part in what is known as "Student Council" (STUCO).  Through this program students acquire and develop the communication, organizational, and leadership skills needed to manage school cultural and social events.

Supervised elections are held to determine both grade level class officers as well as a school wide President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Director. Faculty advisors assist students at all grade levels, and determine requirements for participation.

STUCO Framework

Secondary students are represented by a Student Council (STUCO). There are two representatives for each grade and section from 7th to 11th grade, and a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and activities director in 12th grade. Each representative has been elected by their peers and speaks on behalf of his or her classmates. The council is chaired by one staff member. Representatives will meet once a week and dates are given to them at their first meeting of the school year.

STUCO´s main objective is to discuss different aspects of school life that concern the student body and support DCIS mission and vision.

Yearbook Club

Students in the Yearbook Club are responsible for all aspects related to the creation of the annual school memoir. Working along with a faculty advisor, students concentrate on the editing, laying out, photography, and publishing go the Annual School Yearbook.

This club also gives student the chance to develop computer aided design skills. Club members attempt to publish a manuscript that demonstrates the school spirit, love, and dedication that each student and staff member has for the DelCampo community.