Stanford University Recognizes DCIS Faculty for Teaching Excellence

DelCampo International School (DCIS) is honored and proud to announce that Stanford University has bestowed the TEACHER TRIBUTE AWARD upon Dr. Sara Solorzano for her meaningful impact on the life and education of her students, both as their teacher and mentor.

Entering Ms. Sara’s class was a unique experience, you could always learn something more about both the world and yourself. Just seeing Ms. Sara could brighten your day. She was there whenever you needed her, be it to clear doubts or to share some laughs. I will always remember how she got me out of class one day just to congratulate me on my college admission, and how I, along with many others, would often visit Ms. Sara’s room in our free time. We all just love her that much.
— Andrea, Stanford Class of 2019

Dr. Sara Solorzano represents DCIS’ teaching staff’s commitment to high academic standards, college readiness, and student excellence, equipping each student to lead constructive and fulfilling lives, to appreciate and respect a diverse range of cultures and to have a sense of service and responsibility toward the global community.

Eloisa Rodriguez