DelCampo School delegates represent Honduras in Harvard Model United Nations Simulation 2019

DelCampo School Delegates 2019 -   Marcella Pineda, Daniella Bevan, Dulce Pinto, Nathaly Sánchez, José Gonzales

DelCampo School Delegates 2019 -

Marcella Pineda, Daniella Bevan, Dulce Pinto, Nathaly Sánchez, José Gonzales

The sixty-fifth session of Harvard Model United Nations was held from Thursday, January 23rd, to Sunday, January 27th, 2019 in Boston's famous Back Bay neighborhood.

More than 2,000 high school delegates from around the world, gathered to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Over 200 Harvard University undergraduates, were in charge of the program. The delegates experienced the challenges and thrills of international diplomacy by assuming the roles of UN representatives and other international decision-makers.

For the third consecutive year, DelCampo School participates in this extraordinary experience, this time with the contribution of 5 delegates who represented Honduras by taking part in an active way in their designated committees.

Every HMUN committee holds six sessions over the four days of the conference, each lasting three to five hours. Committee sessions are designed to keep the delegates engaged and thinking on their feet.

The substantive aspects of the committee are coordinated by a committee director, while a moderator guides debate according to formal rules of parliamentary procedure.

The delegates usually spend the first committee session setting the agenda by deciding which topic area to discuss first. Delegates then move into a mixture of formal debate and caucus aimed at formulating a resolution that addresses problems relating to the chosen topic areas.

Formal debate provides delegates with the opportunity to address the entire committee in order to clarify their positions. During caucus, rules are suspended to allow for informal debate: delegates have the opportunity to share their ideas with other delegates so that ideas begin to coalesce outside of the constraints of parliamentary procedure. In debate, delegates are challenged to reach a consensus within the committee while accurately representing their countries’ policies.

Complementary Activities during the visit to the city of Boston includes:

A. Harvard College Tour Guide:

The program provide an insight on one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Students have a chance to know what is like to study in Harvard College. The tour is hosted by a Harvard undergraduate.

B. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is home to an extensive and impressive art collection from all over the world. As a school, it is a mandatory place to visit.

As a school, we want our students to think critically and to witness a world different than ours. Boston MUN provides that opportunity for such students. The bond between participants from all over the world is a fantastic experience.

To see the world from different perspectives, creating a sense of fully understanding, that in diversity, there is unity. And in the long run, youth will be demanded to take critical decisions that will affect directly the world we are all part of. 

Get ready for next year and be part of our #DelCampoProud stories.