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Welcome to PowerSchool


What Is  PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is a web based Student Information System (SIS) where parents can log in and view all of their sons and daughters information regarding grades, health, incidents, etc. 



PowerSchool, keeps parents connected so students don’t fall behind. Parents can receive instant updates via push notifications about:

  • GPA

  • Attendance

  • Assignments Due

  • Teacher Comments

  • Daily School Bulletin

  • Schedule

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How do i Access PowerSchool?

Your academic division will provide you with a letter that contains your access ID of access and password. If you have more than one child at DCS, you will receive a letter per child as the Access ID and password are specific to each student. Please contact your child's division secretary if you have not received this letter.


Create Your Account

The following video will guide you through the steps to create your parent account. 


 How to recover your account?

We are glad to report that as of the date, you can retrieve your PowerSchool password from the application by clicking the button below. Click below to retrieve your password using your username and email.


Download the PowerSchool mobile application.

Keep informed from your cell phone by downloading the PowerSchool Mobile application, either by scanning the QR district code or by clicking on the image, depending the operating system you're using. (iOS / Android).