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Thirty years ago, my dream became a reality as DelCampo International School was born.  We initiated an educational revolution that is still alive and well today. What followed was a profound effort that reflected the power of a vision, community collaboration, committed parents and dedicated educators with the willingness to take a risk on a new and dynamic bilingual school to fill the educational gap in Honduras.

Ignited by DelCampo's Spirit of innovation, a passion for serving others, and a commitment to educational excellence, we set out to do things differently than everyone else. I am proud to say, we are the benchmark for other schools in the region.

Today, the world is a much different place than it was back in 1987. Teaching and learning has evolved and so has DelCampo – but we have never stopped caring.

We’ve been hard at work over the past three decades transforming DelCampo International School to be just as unique and successful for the next three decades.

With all these exciting changes happening, we thought it was time for a new visual expression of our brand — one that connects our past to our present and sets the course for where we’re headed in the future. Today, we’re introducing a modern, new look, one that will continue to be unveiled throughout the school year.

First and foremost, we have dropped the “international” from our name, leaving DelCampo School trademark as our blue print. We have refreshed our school mascot to showcase our strong nature, our competitive edge, and proud stance.

Our new, abstract logo outlines a bold emblem representing a strong community of learners dedicated to continuous improvement, where students are at the center of all our decisions. At its core, you will find two interconnected high mountains, fitting for a School that strongly projects itself and its students, well above its surroundings. A well-defined base denotes our solid foundation, and the summit, our relentless desire to be the very best. Our collective vision is stronger, clearer, and healthier than ever, and that’s because of the warmth and dedication of our People. This logo symbolizes our commitment to you: we’ll remain true to our core as we set our sights on the future. Evolution, continuity, and excellence. 

Images of our campus life will also be renewed. DCS students will actively learn, stroll across our campus, laugh, play, and socialize while proudly displaying their new school uniform, strengthening our sense of community and belonging. Inspired by our early beginnings, it incorporates improved fabrics, fresh new colors, and designs that students will immediately love. Wearing DCS’s new and improved school uniform will be phased into use starting second semester.

An educational revolution has undergone an evolution! But, we haven’t changed what we stand for: we care for every member of our learning community. That was true in 1987, and it’s just as true today. So, while our look may be new, our DNA is the same. 

Stayed tuned; the best is yet to come!


Orietta Facusse
Founder, Chairman, President & CEO
Grupo DelCampo