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DCS Letter

Letter from our Founder

Thirty years ago, my dream became a reality as DelCampo International School was born.   We initiated an educational revolution that is still alive and well today. What followed was a profound effort that reflected the power of a vision, community collaboration, committed parents and dedicated educators with the willingness to take a risk on a new and dynamic bilingual school to fill the educational gap in Honduras.

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Our Logo

A unique and memorable blend of creative features we feel proud of!


DelCampo School Logo
DelCampo School White Logo
DelCampo School Black Logo

The DelCampo Pattern

Green DCS Pattern.jpg


Our team, has created a custom pattern to represent DCS. It incorporates modern and abstract aspects, symbolizing adaptability and depth respectively. The never ending, geometric pattern implies continuity and excellence.

Our pattern was inspired by the unique facets of rivers: no two rivers are alike, yet all have certain features in common and go through similar stages as they grow. Like a river, our pattern flows naturally: from a small beginning to grand end. A perfect representation of DCS student’s developmental journey through time: from early childhood to high school graduation.

Two images that stand out, the same high mountains highlighted in our new logo that interconnect to form the roof top of a well-defined building: our beloved DCS.

The interconnectedness of these two high mountains symbolizes DCS’s passage through time. The first mountain represents our exemplary past; the intersection our present, and the second mountain our bright future.

The well-defined school building represents our strong culture and work ethic. The columns used in this image represent our distinctive architecture. These are the same columns found at our school today.

No More Stretched Uniforms


Our New & Improved School Uniform

Open communication with stakeholders ensures the right path to continuos improvement. Our community voiced their concerns regarding the quality, durability, and design of our school uniforms. So we listened. We set out out  to solve a complex problem involving quality assurance, accountability, volume, options, and consistency. We are happy to announce we found a manufacturer that can deliver! 

DelCampo Uniforms

We wanted a UNIFORM kids would LOVE AND be proud to wear

DCS Students can choose from a variety of styles that are modern, comfortable to wear, and adapt well to our climate. Our new polo shirts come in two colors with state of the art embroidery: forest green and grey, both easily identifiable, yet will undoubtedly differentiate our students from the rest.

DCS Uniforms

Our goal was to provide quality uniforms DCS families would appreciate 

Quality and durability equals overall saving for DCS families. Parents will need to purchase fewer uniforms throughout the year, year after year.

  •  Polo shirts that resist stains, fading, and shrinking
  • "Iron knee" pants / reinforced pants 
  • PE uniforms that will last wash after wash

  • Buttons that won't break.

  • "Skorts"(combination of a skirt and a short)  that resist wrinkling and shrinkage



Partnership between Lands' End and DCS

  • Lands' End School is America’s premier school uniform provider.
  • Partnership between Lands' End and DelCampo School is the first in its class in Honduras! 



DelCampo School Uniform Launch Timeline