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Place where event will be held: Casa Campo Soccer Field

Grade participating in the activity: 9, 10, 11, 12

Other information: Be the fittest team that competes at the WILDCAT Fitness competition that tests your speed, endurance, strength and most importantly teamwork! 

Instructions and Events

• Teams of 5 (minimum 2 girls per team)


1. Row-Run-Fun (endurance)

• Each teams has to row 3.5K and then run 3.5K 

Complete the rowing before the running each member rows and runs 700 meters

2. 100s ladder (strength)

• 500 jump rope
• 300 squats
• 200 sit-ups
• 100 overhead lunges

Complete the total amount for one movement before starting the other; each member performs equal amount of reps in every movement

3. Obstacle Fun (Speed)

• Obstacle course for time

Each member sprints through the obstacle course fastest team wins

4. Fun in the Sun 

• 50 Synchronized Burpees
• 20 farmers carry (4 each member)
• Sprint to the end line (all the teams has to cross)
Complete the movements as a team. First team to cross the end line wins.

Scoring system

• Each event has a 1st to 7th place
• After the four events the team with the most points wins the open

1st place 7 points
2nd place 6 points
3rd place 5 points 
4th place 4 points
5th place 3 points
6th place 2 points
7th place 1 point

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