Welcome from our Superintendent

DCIS Superintendent

Welcome to DelCampo International School. We are a college preparatory school offering instruction in a wide range of content areas that focus on developing competencies and reflective lifelong learners by challenging all to a high academic standard while encouraging honesty and social responsibility.

Our aim is to develop in each student the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently in order to attain his or her academic and personal potential. Our larger purpose is to equip students to lead constructive and fulfilling lives, to appreciate and respect a wide range of cultures, and to have a sense of service and responsibility towards the global community. Therefore, we constantly seek academic and professional opportunities which will allow our teacher and student community to interact globally with other institutions who might share our mission and vision perspectives.

As a global school we are constantly looking to initiate exchange programs for both teachers and students which will continuously enhance our newly launched Enrichment program. We look for opportunities for our students to travel abroad and participate in academic and sport competitions. Finally, we continue to guide our teaching, learning and cooperative exchanges on our school values: respect, cooperation, honesty and accountability, care and service, growth and improvement and open communication. We believe each teacher, each student; and each staff member makes a difference through actions and hard work. This is what truly defines a WILDCAT- core values and hard work.

Find out more about becoming part of the Wildcat family and living our global experiences as the DelCampo community we are.

Feel free to contact us anytime and please enjoy all the fabulous information our website shares on a continuous basis.


Eloísa Rodríguez, PhD